New to Outspoken Ally

May 15, 2015

I am proud to announce that Outspoken Ally now has a Board of Directors, and will be launching as an official and active non-profit in just a few short months! ‘Like’ us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter (@outspokenally), tell your friends, and stay tuned for our soon-to-be created Tumblr; where you will be able to see thoughts and musings from Board members other than just me! 

February 24, 2015
The first ever Outspoken Ally poster can be found on our Facebook page (see link below). Simple, clean, and eye catching! Please go take a look and share it around!  🙂

January 22, 2015

New feature on! Periodically, there will be a QUESTION OF THE DAY posed. Head on over, check it out, and start the discussion!

July 19, 2014

I am proud to announce that I have become a member of the Pride In Education (PIE) 2014 NB GSA Conference Committee. I was privileged enough to conduct a workshop at the 2013 PIE Conference, hope to conduct another this year, and I look forward to this exciting new position. PIE can be found at

June 8, 2014

The Outspoken Ally Facebook page has a new look, and a newly updated “About” section. Be sure to head on over and take a gander.

April 25, 2014

Hey everybody! Head on over to Facebook, so you can visit and ‘like’ our page 


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