Hope For The Holidays

First of all, Happy Winter Solstice!

As the majority celebration of Christmas draws near, the streets, shopping malls, cafés, and restaurants are full of festive music and the spreading of good cheer. This time of year is wonderful for those of us fortunate enough to be able to enjoy it, and although I hope for a happy holiday for every one of you, I also hope for peace for those who have no home to go to.

To those who have been driven from their homes, those who have been disowned, those for whom the holiday is not a cheerful time … you’re in my thoughts. Not that it helps, but at this moment it’s the best I can do. I hope that you find a place to stay warm, for a kind hand from a stranger. And you know what? I have not lost hope for humanity. There are people doing these very things. I hope that you find a reason to smile, a reason to be you in spite of those who have hurt you; and not just for the holiday, but for every day of your life. Most of all, I hope that you find inner peace, and that you don’t give up. We love you.

No matter what celebration you enjoy this time of year, I hope that it finds you the best you’ve ever been. I hope for a safe, happy, holiday season for each and every one of you beautiful people. As for my family, we celebrate Christmas (the cultural traditions, without the religious ones). The joy that comes from sitting with my family on Christmas morning is something different, something truly special. That is my hope for everyone this holiday season. That everybody will find someone who brings them joy, someone to cherish, and a reason to smile.

Happy Holidays!  🙂



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