Today We Remember

Today, November 20, finds us observing Transgender Day Of Remembrance once again. This is a day to honour and remember those we have lost due to fear – fear of people who don’t fit archaic understandings of gender, fear of what Transgender people are percieved to be by an ignorant culture. This is a day to think about the thousands of Trans people killed, the thousands who have taken their own lives, the thousands who are still on the streets, kicked out by families whose “unconditional love” has conditions. Today, we are reminded to ensure that those lives were not lost in vain, and that the lives living homeless deserve better. Today, we strengthen our resolve to keep fighting.

Trans people are beautiful, they are unique, and there is wonderful diversity within the Trans community. Gender variance is fascinating, and “Trans” … a prefix denoting movement, fluidity … is a wonderful representation of that diversity. This is not understood by many, of course, and it’s true that the people we remember today were/are mostly people whose gender identity is either opposite their physical sex, or who don’t fit the male/female gender binary at all. But Trans people come in many forms, and today we and our allies remember.

I encourage all of you today to go to your favourite search engines and look for their stories. Look for the stories of Trans people we have lost. Read about them, about how they lived, how they struggled, and why they died. Read about those still with us, about the heart-wrenching stories of teens kicked out of their homes for no reason other than being someone their parents cannot accept. Think about what can be done to change the hearts and minds of those responsible for this hatred, about how we can make this world a better place.

Today we remember, and we are reminded that hatred must not go unchecked any longer. Let this day of remembrance act as a call for love.



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