Isn’t It Time For Some Of You To Grow Up?

This article is addressed to the many many people who insist on continuing their crusade against the LGBTQ+ community for religious reasons. The time for kind appeals to reason, I fear, is fast coming to an end; so today I’m just going to say it. The lack of maturity you display, as you consistently seek to deny rights based on your belief in a misinterpretation of an ancient holy book, is nauseating. It’s embarrassing to see full grown adults misrepresenting homosexuality as an “act,” conflating sexual orientation with gender identity, condemning people out of fear, making threats of violence, trying to make these views a matter of public policy, and seeking to protect hatred under the guise of religious freedom.

Our children are watching. Your children are watching. Grow up. Are you so childish, so petty, that you must continue with this ridiculous campaign? Are you so miserable in your own life that you have to hinder the happiness of people who are different from you? Must you use words like “cocksucker,” “faggot,” “homo,” etc? Isn’t it time that you stopped preaching love, and instead started to practice it?

When I approach this topic, I usually hear appeals to the well-being of our next generation. The truth is, our children ARE watching; and where I see them being impacted by the spiteful actions and attitudes of their parents, some of the parents I speak with see them being impacted by the harmful “gay agenda.” The difference between my perspective and theirs, is that one of us is appealing to reality, the other to perception. The reality is that children are heavily influenced by their parents. Among the many influences in our lives, the guidance of authority figures throughout our childhood have, arguably, the greatest impact on us. For the majority of us, the most present of those authority figures is a parent or parents. The perception that there is a “gay agenda” designed to make our children gay, trans, etc is NOT reality. It is a ploy designed to do exactly what it does – create fear. Our next generation is suffering much more from the bigotry of the adults in their lives than from a non-existent agenda. What you are really fighting against is a movement to recognize the dignity of every human being. You are arguing against a legal system that recognizes diversity, and protects the rights and dignities of all people. You are fighting against social equality … against the teaching of “love thy neighbour” you claim to believe.

So how about exercising the maturity most of you are capable of? Two-year-olds have more acceptance in their hearts than you do, but by the time they are six, you’ve ruined them. Get a grip, and stop being so miserable. And please, stop meddling in our affairs. If two men get married, and your kids don’t see a problem with it, who cares? It shows that your kids are more mature than you are, and it’s none of your business anyway. My gender identity doesn’t make a single bit of difference in your life, so try staying out of it. Stop teaching our children how to be bad people. Isn’t it time for some of you to grow up?



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