Josh Duggar: Let’s Have Our Moment And Walk Away

The teenage molestation scandal was one thing. Then it came out that Josh Duggar has/had a paid Ashley Madison account, an apparent porn addiction, and is/was indeed cheating on his wife … and now he’s admitted it! Once again, this bizarre person is in the headlines, and I have two thoughts to offer before I walk away from the Duggar drama.

First, despite the cries of Duggar supporters and our proclivity for forgiveness, it’s okay to be angry. The hatred Josh spread in his role as Tony Perkins’ lapdog created big problems for many LGBTQ+ people. He asked for forgiveness for past indiscretions, all the while paying for opportunities to cheat on his wife. He is, quite frankly, a dirtbag, and after this is all over he should be left where he belongs – out of the spotlight, without further influence.

Second, as despicable as Josh Duggar is, let’s not forget that he is also a victim to some extent. People cheat for all sorts of reasons, but the rigid doctrine against the exploration, or even acknowledgment, of human sexuality is known to have potential negative effects on a person’s ability to have healthy sexual relationships in adulthood. Josh had NO chance to find out who he is or what he wants. He found someone submissive enough for his family’s archaic sensitivities, and thrust himself into marriage. His monumental hypocrisy and attraction to affairs are quite likely products of his upbringing. The hypocrisy because he was taught to condemn with no acknowledgment of his own humanity, and the adultery because he was denied the chance to experience life. Josh Duggar’s actions cannot be excused, but at least we can look at some of the root causes.

I have had my fill of the Duggars and their drama, and I hope to never again see a headline bearing their name … and I realize that’s unrealistic. There’s really not much more to be said. They are a perfect example of how NOT to raise your children. They are religion gone terribly awry, and to people like myself they have been transparent from the very beginning. I was wrong about who I thought had sexual skeletons in the closet, but the scandals I expected to break still broke. In any event, let’s have our moment and walk away. There’s no need to indulge Josh Duggar’s pleas for forgiveness. Let him be. He doesn’t deserve the energy it takes to pay attention.



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