The Gay Agenda

At first I thought it was just a fear-mongering ploy, a phrase designed to mobilize legions of evangelical Christians against the equality sought by the secular left (which it is). I thought that this phrase without any factual basis would eventually go away, naively ignoring the fact that upholding perception over truth is routine for the religious right. They fear a monster that doesn’t exist, the “gay agenda” in which LGBTQ+ people and allies are out to recruit their children and lead society down a path of depravity. Every day I read, hear, and watch news about this invention of the religious right … the “Gay Agenda.”

Here’s something you might not expect me to say. There IS an agenda at play. It’s not what the folks at the Family Research Council or Fox News think it is, mind you, but there IS an agenda and it can be summed up in one word – EQUALITY. The supposed “gay agenda” is 100% false. There is no concerted effort to recruit children into the “gay lifestyle” (whatever that means), there is no plan to create a new world order (as Bryan Fischer thinks), there is no sinister plot to achieve special status (like the status enjoyed by the religious right). This is about humanity, and it’s a goal that should be shared by every empathic person on the planet; regardless of religious affiliation. It’s the same agenda the suffragettes had, and the civil rights activists, and the anti-apartheid activists, and so on. It’s an agenda shared by every movement that springs up in opposition to oppression … the agenda is equality.

Nobody is coming for your kids, and nobody wants to deny you your rights. We do want to remove your ability to hide behind religious belief to justify persecution, sure, but that’s not a right; it’s an undeserved entitlement. With power comes privilege, and Christian privilege has brought us slavery, apartheid, colonialism, war, and continuing persecution and oppression (to name a few things), all while convincing us that it’s a religion of love and acceptance. This ability to get away with horrible things and have people turn a blind eye is what privilege looks like. Equality removes that privilege. Rather than denying rights, it denies entitlements. Equality evens the playing field, it gives everyone the same dignity. It condemns only that which causes harm. Instead of condemning difference, equality has us condemn that which stands in the way of togetherness and acceptance. Our “agenda” is about people, and everyone should be on board with that.


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