Hitting The Scene!

Since November 2013, Outspoken Ally as an entity has been just me, Josh Osborne. In my writing, the words “us” and “we” have been in reference to those who share my passion, and those who support the message that Outspoken Ally was created for. I am now extremely proud to announce that Outspoken Ally will be hitting the scene as an active organization! We now have a Board of Directors, each of us with a wealth of experience and a passion to contribute to change. What excites me the most is that we all have different points of reference from which we approach the issues. That means the message coming from Outspoken Ally will soon speak to more people; and that’s really the point!

I created Outspoken Ally to confront the socio-religious pressures that harm LGBTQ+ people. I specialize in religion, and I consider the cultural foundations of homophobia, transphobia, biphobia, etc to be firmly rooted in religious ideals. I want to see a society in which those ideals are no longer acceptable justifications for discriminatory action. As a friend recently put it, I want to change the world. My work, however, is only one part of the struggle. There are other aspects, other issues, other barriers and topics of conversation. With the expansion of Outspoken Ally comes the expansion of perspectives on those issues. A wider variety of coverage on the Outspoken Ally FB page, more tweets by @outspokenally, a new Tumblr where our board members can blog on the issues affecting them, and of course this blog will continue!

We want to speak to the religious community, the LGBTQ+ community, and the public at large. We want to be a source of information, encouragement, and support. We want to educate, confront, and see the end of oppressive ideals. We want to empower those who feel alone, and stand up against those who make them feel that way.

What we need from you is your support and encouragement. Write to us (outspokenally@gmail.com), like our page, comment, tweet, tell your friends, let us know you’re there. We’re hitting the scene, and we want to meet you all!


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