A Moment For Gratitude

I want to take a moment to express gratitude. It seems that we so rarely make time for this in our culture. Every day I see people indulging in a false sense of entitlement, to the point where saying “thank you” sounds strangely out of place and awkward. It shouldn’t be this way. Expressions of gratitude are expressions of togetherness, of solidarity. When we say “thank you,” we’re accepting help or support from another person. Gratitude promotes unity, equality, and understanding.

Every now and then I write a piece thanking those who have made a positive difference, those who bravely stand and fight for humanity. Outspoken Ally exists because of a passionate desire to be a part of the drive for change and social equality, and that drive began long ago. There have been many wonderful people pushing this fight forward for many years, and if it weren’t for them, I might not have known where to start. Their ambition and undying passion has sparked tremendous change, as those who have been denied basic rights – rights that most of us take for granted – are now being afforded the opportunity to participate fully in the freedoms and institutions that we all deserve to be a part of; should we so choose. These are Abolitionists, and LGBTQ+ people, and Feminists, and Allies. They are advocates for the separation of church and state, and teachers, and celebrities, and people who use personal faith for good. To all of you, in numbers too great to count, thank you.  

To the people who read this blog, thank you so much. Your support keeps me motivated to continue. As Outspoken Ally’s readership grows, you inspire me to keep fighting. Most of you are likely familiar with many of the other advocates and allies out there, that you would follow and read the Outspoken Ally blog is an honour for which I am extremely grateful. With each new piece, Outspoken Ally’s voice grows stronger, and with each new view that voice finds a home. To my Christian readers, some of whom disagree with much of what I say, thank you for sticking around and continuing to read. The fact that you continue reading tells me you’re finding something here that makes you think about views other than your own. You should be commended for that. At the very least, you’re willing to have the conversation.

To those who find Outspoken Ally on Facebook or Twitter, thank you. Taking the time to click that link and read what I have written means you feel I have something worthwhile to say. 

To the lawmakers pushing LGBTQ+ rights forward at home and abroad, thank you. With every piece of legislation edging us closer to equal rights and freedoms, society gets a little bit better. We have a long way to go, and we need you to get there. 

Take some time for gratitude today. Tell someone you appreciate them. Tell someone you love them for who they are. The gesture doesn’t have to be big, it just has to count. We can all use a moment for gratitude.   



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