Read the above article, please. Do I really have to say it? Do people think that those of us who write about these issues are doing it for fun? How many parents are really this stupid, this callous? Can anymore be said, or should we pack it in and focus only on supporting the children being harmed by this restrictive and conditional “love?”

I can’t speak for any other writer, blogger, or advocate who speaks out about LGBTQ+ issues, but I do this because it matters. I’m a former religious homophobe who used to agree with many forms of discrimination toward things I ignorantly disagreed with. The difference between me and those who haven’t bothered to evolve past the stage of our knuckle-dragging ancestors, is that I cared to actually learn about those things I didn’t understand. I was no longer content to take the church’s word for it. I went to university, read books, talked to people, formed opinions based on actual facts. I am a parent, and our house is a safe place for our child. We value knowledge in our home. My love is not conditional on anything, and we keep an open line of communication. We talk, and understand one another as a family. Is it really such an unrealistic expectation that others do the same?

The parents aren’t the only problem here. The rest of us have a stake in this, too. How many of us stand up when we should? How many of us speak up when somebody is being berated, or have the guts to tell a homophobic person that they are homophobic? How many of us would try to prevent a trans murder, even if it meant putting our own safety in jeopardy? How many of us are okay with the term “he-she,” or “tranny,” or “she-male?” How many of us think it’s none of our business?

One more question. How many of us are sick of hearing about this? If you are one of those, maybe you should do something about it. We can all make a change, and that starts in our own lives. #HisNameWasZander


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