Homophobia Is Not Natural

This will be short, since drawn out discussion won’t be necessary. I’m going to address an easy concept, one that should be seriously considered by each of us, and although one could dive into arguments on the complexities of human behaviour, and how historical power dynamics play in, I’m going to bypass all of that as unnecessary and just get to the point.

While writing a presentation for a group of Middle School students recently, it all of a sudden occurred to me that the argument that ‘homosexuality is unnatural’ can be turned on its head. After a bit of work, I came up with a simple argument concluding that homophobia is unnatural. It went over well during the presentation, and I’ve decided to lay it out here for you, in the hope that you will consider, with a little more depth, the absurdity of anti-gay bias.

Homophobia hurts the person it’s directed at, but it also hurts the rest of us. There is an interconnectedness that humanity depends on, and actions against that are fundamentally divisive and contrary to the co-operation that keeps us alive. Human beings have built the most complex social systems of any other animals, and those systems are always working together. The food you buy at the grocery store, for example, didn’t just appear there. It had to be grown, harvested, processed, packaged, shipped, and sorted before it got to the shelf. In order for you to buy that box of KD, or that package of ground beef, hundreds of people had to do their jobs first. Without them, we wouldn’t eat. The point is we need each other, and that means we have to be responsible for our actions. Being mean and abusive breaks down that social fabric that we depend on. Homophobia, and indeed all discriminatory attitudes, drives wedges between us, and that is counter-productive to humanity’s survival strategy. This, of course, can be applied to racism, transphobia, biphobia, any attitude in which people are viewed as less than because of an intrinsic part of who they are.

To those who view LGBTQ people as flawed, less than, disordered, or unnatural, please understand that your attitude toward them goes against the very nature you think you’re addressing. You don’t understand the world, or how it works. Your discriminatory attitudes are divisive and selfish, and if we all acted like you, our species would have gone extinct generations ago. Some say that hate has always existed, and this is true. Hate has always been a part of the human experience, it has always arisen due to hubris, and it has always been counterproductive to our natural inclination to survive. The love between two people, same sex or not, is beautiful. Hatred toward them is not. Homophobia is not natural.


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