At The News Of Impending Justice, I Am Elated!

Today, I am elated! What a wonderful moment last evening when I opened the case to my iPad and read that Scott Lively is to be tried for crimes against humanity ( Mr. Lively, in case you don’t already know, is an evangelical pastor who helped draft the controversial Ugandan anti-gay law. He has also influenced anti-gay policies in Russia, and has done untold damage in his own country, the United States. I have watched nearly every publicly available thing this man has said, every speech, every interview, and every dishonest diatribe. I have, many times, been left speechless by the flat-out lies spewed forth by this charlatan, and today I am overjoyed at the news that he will be tried for what he has done. By inciting hatred and violence against LGBTQ+ people in other countries, he has broken international law. He has used his influence to push for action that violates human rights, destroys social unity, and one can only hope that he suffers the maximum allowable penalty for his crimes.

I stay current on the activities of numerous anti-gay activists both in the US and abroad, and there are many who I would like to see brought to justice. Pastor Rick Warren, for example, is one such model of intolerance, as are people like pastors Sean Harris, Charles Worley, and let’s not forget Tony Perkins. None of these people, however, compare to Scott Lively. Never before, and hopefully never again, have I seen such vitriol and willingness to lie to make an indefensible point. When it comes to homosexuality, Mr. Lively appears unable to tell the truth. He does, after all, have access to peer-reviewed information, and as a former attorney, he knows how to read and understand facts. Still he delivers falsehood after falsehood, lie after lie, his voice dripping with contempt.

Scott Lively has spoken (and written in his 1995 book) about what he calls “The Pink Swastika.” This argument is a desperate attempt to link the gay community to Hitler’s Nazi party, and it relies, not surprisingly, on blatant historical inaccuracy. The irony of the “Pink Swastika” argument, is that in making it he bears a striking ideological resemblance to Hitler’s Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels. He should, and now will be, tried under similar laws to what Goebbels would have been if caught.

In this one man, we see an enemy of reason, an enemy of honesty, an enemy of LGBTQ+ people, and indeed an enemy of humanity. An unsightly vestigial appendage in the cultural discussion, Lively deserves exactly what he is getting. People like him are so rarely brought to justice, that the very fact he is being tried has massive significance. I don’t know about you, but I am elated, and I will be watching this unfold with the hope that justice is served. We need justice to be served. LGBTQ+ people the world over deserve vindication for what has been done.


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