“No Homo”

“Looking good, bro. No homo.” I’m going to go ahead and dispatch with this quickly. The term “no homo” is being used by a lot of people, some who present themselves as allies, and that is just not acceptable. The word “homo” is a taxonomic classification having nothing to do with homosexuality, yet somehow it became a gay slur decades ago. Surprisingly, it hasn’t gone away, and this alone speaks volumes. Why is it that so many people who appear to be allies, some of them very influential, feel that they have license to declare their heterosexuality with the term “no homo?” Does the problem with this really have to be pointed out to people? In a time when society is just beginning to recognize “that’s so gay” as an unacceptable phrase, where do we get the idea that “no homo” is fair game?

If you use “no homo,” or don’t see a problem with it, please understand what it says. “No homo” employs a slur, and indicates to everybody within earshot that you believe people who are homosexual to be somehow inferior to those who are not. It also indicates insecurity on your part, since there must be a reason for you to be so adamant about your heterosexuality. “No homo” is offensive, it is ignorant, and it makes you sound homophobic. It is not harmless, it doesn’t indicate acceptance, and it’s not really worthy of any further discussion. Please start thinking before you speak (this goes for all of us). Our words have tremendous impact, and when we employ our intelligence to their use, we do a lot of good. The fact that “no homo” is even a thing in our culture reflects badly on all of us.


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