In Defence Of The West

After a brief two-week hiatus I am back to writing, and I have decided today to write about something I never thought I would feel the need to. It is no secret that the western world has many problems. In both Canada and the United States, governmental decisions are threatening to financially and morally bankrupt each nation, and things are not much better in many parts of Europe. The western world has become very good at doing many detrimental things, but there are criticisms from other parts of the world that I feel are unfair.

The name “Boko Haram” allegedly translates to “western education is sinful.” The terrorist organization that bears this name has been responsible for thousands of deaths in their jihad for sharia law. They recently kidnapped approximately 220 schoolgirls in Nigeria as a way to deny them an education that sharia dictates they are not permitted to have. When groups like this warn of the “evils” of western education, I take exception. In the western world, we are consistently looking for ways to change things in order to do what is best for the largest number of students. We are consistently collaborating with professionals in varying fields in order to ensure that the most accurate and effective information is taught. Perhaps most importantly, we are consistently enacting and promoting policies and programs that protect and nurture both male AND female students as they grow in character and knowledge. The education system in the west is generally progressive, positive, and moral. A system in which young women are not permitted to learn, a holy book is taught as fact, war is taught as a necessity, rape is taught as the fault of the woman, and non-believers must be punished if they speak against Allah or Mohammed, is grossly immoral. For those who subscribe to sharia law to claim that anyone else is “sinful” is a shameful testament to their willful ignorance of humanity.

I am not one to defend everything that we do in the west, and you need only to read anything else written on this site to see that. The problem I have here is that we are condemned and threatened for our “sinful ways” by people who feel a righteous obligation to rape, kill, and pillage; and this problem is not isolated to Muslim extremism or “Boko Haram.” The Islamic faith worships the God of Abraham, as do the Christian and Jewish faiths. In the Bible, slavery is condoned (see Exodus 21 for your ‘how-to’ guide), a virgin who is raped must marry her rapist after payment has been made to her father (Deuteronomy 22: 28-29), and Jesus came not to change the laws but to uphold them (Matthew 5: 17-20). There are many Muslims and Christians who are peaceful and even progressive in their approach to the world, and with them I have no issue. The point here is that the people who do pose a problem on account of their holy book(s) do not have any moral authority upon which they can stand to condemn the rest of us.

In the case of general education and way of life, I will defend my culture and the people who co-exist within it. We have many problems, but none so great as those who are loudest in their condemnation of us.


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