Keep Love Alive: A Call for Revolution

Today, as the majority of the Western population celebrates Christmas day, I extend a greeting to you all. No matter who you are, and no matter what today means for you … whether you celebrate Saturnalia, Yule, Kwanzaa, Christmas, Festivus, something else, or nothing at all … I wish only the most pleasant day for you and those you love.

Regardless of the commercial meanings placed on it, today is a day when most of us connect with family and friends and act in the spirit of good will. As a matter of fact, the entire holiday season is a time when we seem to feel more charitable; and that’s really the point of the whole thing. Meanings given to a specific day are plentiful, but without compassion for our fellow humans they are useless. When we act in the spirit of good will we act in ways that positively impact the lives of others, and that’s what I find most appealing about this time of year. A few extra dollars given to a homeless person may be the difference between a hot meal and no food at all. A coat to the clothing drive will keep an otherwise frozen child warm. Food to the food bank will feed those who have no other place to go. A kind or encouraging word may make a huge difference in the outlook of someone who feels disenfranchised and alone.

I’m issuing a challenge to all who read this. From now and into the New Year, let’s keep the holiday spirit alive. Be kind. Be charitable. Be accepting of others. When we allow social injustices (poverty, racism, rape, homophobia) to take place, it reflects very badly on us; for it reveals our willingness to turn our backs when no-one is looking. Stay mindful of everything you say and do. When you act badly, accept accountability. When you act with love, watch it grow in those around you. Let’s make today the beginning of change. Let’s search our hearts and find the connection to the world around us.

The time has come for a revolution! With all the progress we have made, it’s time to further empower ourselves. Let’s end bigotry and misinformation now. What are we waiting for? While many of us move forward, countries like Russia, Uganda, and too many others move backward. It’s time for those of us who can to lift our voices and fight back. Write about it, create websites and blogs, compose songs, find ways to legally and peacefully protest injustice and discrimination. Let’s set the stage for a new year that will see a Revolution of Love and Acceptance!


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